Thursday, December 8, 2011

Something special

So, since I reached 25 followers. I decided that I am going to do something special next week that follows with the holiday spirit. I bought something just for this occasion. It isn't anything too big but it is something that I picked up before it sold out. Hopefully I sort things out tonight and announce what it is tomorrow evening.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ancient Egyptian Series: Nut

The next choice or my Ancient Egyptian Series is the Goddess Nut. Nut was the goddess of the sky. Originally it was just the night time sky but eventually she became known just as the goddess of the sky in general. She was the wife of Geb and the mother of Isis, Osiris, Seth and Nepthys.

Since she is the goddess of the sky, I chose to use blues and black. So here is the look....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ancient Egyptian Series: Bastet

Here is another installment of the Ancient Egyptian series that I have been doing. I am trying to do this a little more regularly now. This look is inspired by the Goddess Bastet. Bastet was first depicted as a lioness or lioness-headed woman but eventually was depicted as a domesticated cat or a woman with a cat's head. She was the protector or pregnant women, domestic cats, the home and children and the goddess of music, dance, pleasure, family fertility and birth.

For this look, I was influenced by the eyes of cats. In particular, some of the beautiful eye colors that cats have. I have seen beautiful green, orange and blue eyes in various cats. So, I decided to use green, orange and a flash of a luminous color that has some blue in it. I also used black and a little purple and brown as well. Ok, on to the photos...

Almost there...Thoughts of a giveaway

So, I have been thinking. Whenever I reach 50 subscribers (I know that may be a while from now) I am thinking that I would like to do some type of giveaway. It may be a small one, but hey, something is always better than nothing. I came to thinking about this because I am a little less than hallway to that goal and I think that it would be a nice treat for those that actually stop by the blog and take a look at what I am posting or blabbing about. I will have to think of all of the kinks and rules since this is something thing I am new to, but I think it might be quite fun. I'm not sure how frequently I will end up doing them but I know for sure that I will be doing giveaways at the 50 and 100 subscriber marks. Whatever I decide after that I will for sure let you all know.

So, what do you all think of this idea? Like it? Hate it?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ancient Egyptian Series: Anubis

Hello all! Sorry, I've been constantly busy with work and health issues so I haven't been able to post much, I am so behind on the amount that I have wanted to post. Though I haven't done many looks in my downtime anyway. I guess I will just post when I have the chance and not give myself deadlines...

Anywho...This is the look that I came up with to represent Anubis. He was one of the God's of the dead and lead the recently deceased on there journey through the underworld, he was also known as the God of death or God of the Dead. Anubis was represented as a jackal or a man with a jackal's head. His statues in his jackal form were black and parts were gilded in gold and the images of him when he had the body of a man his body was gold and his head black. Black represented death and the night and yellow was the color of gold and the sun and represented the eternal, the indestructible and the imperishable. With this look I used mostly golds, black and brown.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Posh Paradise Paint Pot Comparison Swatches

Ok, so, people were wondering about the a few paint pots being closer to two that have come out previously. In my opinion, Cash Flow tends to be more white gold compared to Treasure Hunt which tends to lean more yellow. Artifact and Idyllic are really really close but Artifact seems to be a bit more opaque (Even when built up) and more or a reddish berry compared to Idyllic, but I don't know if my photos captured that which is why I put up a few different ones. MUFE Aqua Cream #20 is a darker and more shimmery blue compared to Pure Creation so I think that one could have both.

Ok, here are the comparison swatches:

 This photo was taken without flash outside

Posh Paradise Paint Pot Swatches

Ok, here are some paint pot swatches from Posh Paradise. I have all of the paint pots from that collection with the exception of Hyperviolet because it was already sold out. I will be getting next week and will upload a swatch of it when I do. Next week I will also be uploading swatches of all of the paint pots that have ever come out and the existing line to because I will have all of them at that time.

Ok, here they are:

These are the swatches taken indoors with flash

These are the swatches taken outdoors without flash

Friday, August 12, 2011

More Mac Me Over Swatches

Here are some more swatches for you guys.
I must warn...for the quads, I used a primer and the 214 brush and layered the shadows 2-3 times to achieve the color, they only color that swatched well the first time from the quads was hazy day...

You will alos see comparison swatches with ud darkhorse against carbonized and ud virgin against creamy bisque. Click on the photos to see them a bit bigger.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MAC Me Over Swatches

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I have been doing 60 hour work weeks and haven't had time to post BUT, I did get some swatches for you guys today. My favorite MAC store is doing a presale/preview of the MAC Me Over Collection and I have some swatches of some items that the bloggers didn't have. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Houses of Hogwarts: Slytherin

The final house but definitely not last is Slytherin. It's MY house! (if you couldn't tell). Slytherin's colors are green and silver and their mascot is the serpent. I love Slytherin, the house totally has a bad rap, but I do understand why...I the nail pics for this came out good enough and good thing because I am still wearing it but it is chipping a bit at the corners.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor (Using Semi-Precious MES)

Next up is Gryffindor! Not my favorite house because I am saving the best for last, lol. If you can't tell, Slytherin is the BEST. Anyway. yes, Gryffindor is up. I didn't go as red as I would have liked with this look, but oh well...I can always do it another time, especially since I have to re-take the nail pics, the gold Konad stamping polish barely showed up in the pictures. Gryffindor's colors are red and gold. I decided to use more colors that I got from the Semi-Precious collection, which are Golden gaze and Smoked Ruby. This was another quick look because I work it to work(and wore my shirt with Harry on it, surprisingly one of my co-workers got it, lol). Thank Ok, enough with this, on with the look...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Houses of Hogwarts: Ravenclaw (Using Semi-Precious MES)

Next up for the houses of Hogwarts is Ravenclaw. I actually like Ravenclaw, they are intellectuals and a love smart people, hell, I find nerdy and geeky guys absolutely adorable...but that could be because I am that way myself. Hermoine was close to being a Ravenclaw but she is very brave and strong, so I see why they sorting hat placed her in Gryffindor. Ravenclaw's colors are Blue and Bronze (the movies changed it to Blue and Silver for some odd reason *shrugs*) and their mascot is the Eagle, not the raven as one might think due to the misleading name. I used two eyeshadows from MAC's Semi-Precious collection since I just spent a but load of money on that collection (Shh...don't tell my boyfriend, he'd kill me).

Monday, July 11, 2011

Houses of Hogwarts: Hufflepuff

Ok, so...I'm a geek, LOL. I LOVE the Harry Potter book series, I don't know if I can say the same for all of the movies, no, I can't. I HATE some of the movies, probably the majority of them. So, I have kinda failed on this because I meant to start posting these once a week for the weeks coming up to the final movie, but as you can see I waited until the last week. I am starting the series of with Hufflepuff, probably my least favorite house because they are so blah...LOL. The looks I did were pretty quick because I actually wore them to work, so they aren't outlandish or anything, they just incorporate each houses color. Hufflepuff's colors are yellow and black, so those are the only two colors I used for this eye look...oh and a quick nail too(as always I took the pic before cleaning them up and moisturizing my cuticles :( please don't judge, lol)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Red Soldier Look using Sugarpill, MUFE and MAC Smoked Ruby

So, I went to the club Friday night and did a look using my red based eyeshadows(not enough companies make true reds!).  Most people may not dig the look because it isn't for everybody, to clarify, I go to goth and industrial clubs and in this case I was going to an industrial club out here in L.A. called Das Bunker, it is very well known and is the longest running industrial club in the US. I decided to put on my red and black soldier outfit, I don't know why, but I think it has to do with it being a little more than a year since the passing of my grandfather to whom I was very attached. Anyhow, I will go on and show you the look and this time there are three different full face pictures, I was having a little too much fun with this look and trying to photograph it.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Semi-Precious Look: Rare Find

I went to the MAC Pro store here in L.A. the day the Semi-Collection launched to pick up some items that I put on hold from the collection, but played with some of the other shadows to see what else I might want. I ended up getting quite a few, minus one of the items that was on "hold"(I don't think that they really put it on hold or they "lost" my hold, but it made me miss out on Golden Gaze, which is now being shipped to me from another pro store, so pissed but I digress). I ended up walking away with Rare Find, Mineral Mode, Dark Indulgence, Blue Sheen, Clarity and Smoked Ruby). I think I may pick up Faux Gold on Thursday because it was very pretty, I just didn't have the money for it. I also got Semi-Precious Rose Quartz but that is it.

I really like the mineral eyeshadows (MES) from M.A.C. but I know that they are either a product that you love or hate. I am in the LOV category with them. From this collection, I am in love with all of the MES' that I picked up. I skipped Jade's Fortune and Unsurpassible because depending on the veining they look close to Clarity, well, at least on my skin, there were just levels of darkness between them and I made sure that the clarity I got was veined diversely and nicely. I will post pictures of the MES' that I got maybe on Tuesday after work because depending on the veining the color can be totally different from another person's MES or the testers that you play with. I asked to look at each one so that I could pick the one that I liked the veining on. Though my Mineral Mode has very little veining because I got the last one that they had :(

With Rare Find, I knew that I wanted to pair with Rani (I picked it up at a CCO and just love it). I thought that they would look nice together and I believe that I was right in that assumption. So, here is the look that I came up with for it. Sorry for the long post!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Bloggers' Obsessions - Parisian Skies

I did a really quick look with Parisian Skies today. I really like the color and don't think that I have another similar to it. I love blues and this one works really well and it is nice and soft. I think I will be playing with it more to see what I can come up with. I think that this can be a very versatile shade if you pair it nicely with others.

I did this look quick before work...I was running late and on very little sleep, but I think it serves its purpose.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bloggers' Obsessions Comparison Swatches

I posted these on a forum recently and figured that I should post them here as well. I will post swatches of Hocus Pocus and All My Purple Life when I get the chance. Hopefully these can be helpful to anyone on the fence on items or wandered what they looked like compared to certain shades.


Bloggers' Obsessions - Sparkle Neely Sparkle and All My Purple Life

Today I used Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle for my next Bloggers' Obsession look. I kept it pretty neutral but I think it would be fitting for work, which is where I wore it too. I was in a bit of a rush, so my eyeliner isn't dead on and is a little sloppy and for this  I apologize. I even think I forgot to put on my mascara!

I put the LA Splash sealer/bas on the lid area where I was going to apply SNS because it is pretty good for glitter applications and SNS is a VERY sparkley eyeshadow and I wanted it to show as much as possible. I think that this shadow would be good for everyday looks. It's such a pretty shadow. I really enjoyed it's texture and that surprised me because due to the glitter, I thought that it would be gritty, but it was not at all. 

I like All My Purple Life and was surprised that it didn't look freakishly weird on me and I think that it may be my favorite purple gloss. I also really like how it looks when it rubs off a bit, it is this really pretty stain and I am not sure if I like that more than when I first apply it. it took about two and a half applications for me to get it at an opacity that I was happy with.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bloggers' Obsessions - Hocus Pocus

The following is a look that I used with the eyeshadow, Hocus Pocus. I wasn't sure at first how I wanted to run with this one because this color can be used in so many ways. It, like the other eyeshadows from this collection, is very smooth and easy to work with. It is an awesome crease color and it could be used for really nice smokey eyes or any other dark looks that you can think of.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ancient Egyptian Series: Osiris

So, in my Ancient Egyptian inspired series, I decided to go with Osiris. He is one of my favorite Gods of the Ancient Egyptian pantheon (I have him tattooed on my arm and had named my cat after him!) Osiris was married to Isis and was the father of Horus (and Anubis, but that's a looooong story). Osiris was killed by his brother Set and lived in the underworld and was the God of the dead. If you have ever seen depictions of the weighing/judging of the heart, you then saw Osiris presiding over it and passing judgement on the deceased.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bloggers' Obsessions - Jealousy Wakes and Nitro:licious 2046

So, I bought all of the eyeshadows and two of the glosses from the Bloggers' Obsessions collection form MAC. The first look I did was with Jealousy Wakes and Nitro:licious 2046

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello Kitty Themed Nails

So, I was pretty bored a while ago and came up with this idea. It was really fun to do and surprised everyone because it is totally not the norm for me! It was totally fun to do nonetheless. Please do excuse the messiness of the cuticle area. I didn't really clean the nails up before snapping the photos.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ancient Egyptian Series: The Nile

The Next item up in my ancient Egyptian series is the Nile River.

The Nile played an extremely important role in the lives of the ancient Egyptians. It gave life to their civilization with it's fertility. The Nile gave them the water to irrigate their crops, water to drink, a means of travel, which helped in politics.  It even played a large role in the life of their Gods and Goddesses. The Nile is believed to what gave the ancient Egyptians the basis of their Religion. Osiris' phallus basically caused the Nile to be Fertile. I am sure everyone learned about the Nile in school so there is no reason to really talk about it.

This is the look that I created for it:

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's been quite a While...

As you can see, I redesigned the page a bit, it was more about switching up the colors to those that are in my business card. I'm going to miss my plaid background, but I made sure to save a copy of it, LOL.

I will also be getting back on track with posting. I just finished my classes and I will now have that bit of free time again. I for some reason thought that philosophy and nutrition would be easier than the turned out to be. I know not to assume on class's difficulty level again.

I can't wait to get back on track with my series and maybe even post some of the looks that I have taken pictures of but never had the time to upload. I do have quite a few series in mind to do after I finish up the Ancient Egyptian one, but then again, that may just be my ongoing one because of my love of it and I have so many aspects that I have inspiration from. I also have to re-create some looks that I have done that were commented on.

I can't wait to get back on things here. Until next time....Later

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ancient Egyptian Series

So, I have decided to start a series based off of Ancient Egyptian Gods, Goddesses, icons, symbols, etc. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to do such a series because ever since I was a little child I was obsessed with the Ancient Egyptian culture and mythology. I will not try to make looks exactly like the hieroglyphs, statues or artwork but instead the looks will be inspired by whomever and whatever I am choosing at that moment. 

So, without further ado, we shall start the series. I am going to start with Isis.

Isis was considered the patron saint of women, mothers and children. She was also a goddess of magic. Isis is also a moon goddess, yet gives birth to the sun, creates and sustains all life. She is wife to Osiris and mother to Horus. I could go on and on, but you could look her up.

Here is the look that I came up with for her, nothing too elaborate:

My Belated Valentine's Day Look

I am posting my Valentine's Day look a bit early because my boyfriend and I didn't get a chance to go out until yesterday. I did a orange type look. So, here it goes.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Please Vote

Voting is now open for the contest that I entered. Please vote for me here:

I would be ever so appreciative if you could get your friends to vote for me as well. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Changes Coming Mixed With A Tiny Rant

So, I will be making some changes to the design of the blog when I have the time because I finally finished my Makeup Artistry course and have made my business cards and resume. Being the graphic designer that I am and the OCD that I have about things matching, I just HAVE to make the page layout match it. Eventually, when I build up my portfolio, I will be able to use my web design knowledge to make things as I wish.

Oh, I figured that I should mention this because of a rude comment that I received on my Sugarpill review. I am not one of those professional bloggers, I have a day job and work and I started this blog to share info, looks, ideas, etc with my friends and people that I converse with about makeup. I believe that it would be really cool to meet new friends and associates along the way. I figure that I should state that I type my blog the way that I speak. I believe that it is easy to follow and understand, but if it's not, you really don't have to read it or follow me. I spellcheck everything that I type normally but I do have my little made up words and when I use them I normally note it.

That being said, I accept constructive criticism, I welcome it, but I don't think that people should ever try to tear another person down just because they think that they can, should or have the right to. Remember, if you can't think of anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I think that is really wrong and I will delete any comment of that sort. I have a day job and a two year old child and do not wish to come home to such negativity. Thank you to everyone that has been so nice to me, I really appreciate it. Thank you for being constructive and leaving positive commentary. You are all much appreciated!

Kerli/Sugarpill Army of Love: War Paint Contest

Last night I completed and uploaded my entry for the Kerli/Sugarpill Army of Love Contest.
I want to share it with you all on here and it has a few more pictures than what we can post for the contest entry. Here you all go:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sugarpill Cosmetics Review

Yesterday I received my order from Sugarpill. I have been anxiously awaiting this package because I have seen swatches online and have heard how awesome and pigmented these shadows are so I had to check them out for myself.

I already had an inkling that the loose powders might be worth checking out because I received a sample of one called Goldilux early last year when I made an Ebay from Shrinkle aka Amy for some Kryolan colors. I was intrigued because she also sent an interesting flyer and Sugarpill sticker along with the sample and my order, I digress. LOL.

So yes, the box arrived today and a cute box it was, I actually contemplated keeping it but I am not sure what I could do with it, so I put it in the in the recycle bin, but I took pictures of the package and the inside before I did.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Updates coming

I have a few updates coming. I am a little behind on things because I can't find my USB cable for my camera. Before tomorrow night is over I shall have my Sugarpill review and swatches up and in a day or two there will be a look that I am trying to get down that I am entering into a contest. Then I have a look that I want to do that should start a series and I'm going to be posting some other looks as well.

So, I have things in the works and I plan on having things rolling starting tomorrow night!

Okay, that's about it. Until tomorrow night...