Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ancient Egyptian Series: Bastet

Here is another installment of the Ancient Egyptian series that I have been doing. I am trying to do this a little more regularly now. This look is inspired by the Goddess Bastet. Bastet was first depicted as a lioness or lioness-headed woman but eventually was depicted as a domesticated cat or a woman with a cat's head. She was the protector or pregnant women, domestic cats, the home and children and the goddess of music, dance, pleasure, family fertility and birth.

For this look, I was influenced by the eyes of cats. In particular, some of the beautiful eye colors that cats have. I have seen beautiful green, orange and blue eyes in various cats. So, I decided to use green, orange and a flash of a luminous color that has some blue in it. I also used black and a little purple and brown as well. Ok, on to the photos...

Here is an angled photo of the eyes and you can see the luminosity of the eyeshadow in the inner corners in this photo. The color is called Lumi, I think it goes well with the idea of this look.

Shadow Insurance - Too Faced
Soft Ochre paint pot as a base - M.A.C.
Black Black Chromaline - M.A.C.
-inner corners: Lumi Loose Eyeshadow - Sugarpill

-inner third (green color): Corrosive - Rock & Republic

-center/middle (orange color): Scorcher - Rock & Republic

-outer V (green color): Stella Loose Eyeshadow - Sugarpill
Poison Plum pressed eyeshadow - Sugarpill
Cork - M.A.C.
I put down poison plum first very lightly as Sugarpill's colors are VERY pigmented and concentrated most of the color in the inner crease, then went over it with cork and concentrated most of cork in the outer crease.
Lumi - Sugarpill
-top: Rapidblack Penultimate- M.A.C.
-bottom: Black Black Chromagraphic Pencil - M.A.C.
Lower lash Line:
Lumi - Sugarpill (inner corner), Corossive - R&R (inner half), Scorcher - R&R(outer half, blended with a little of Inglot's AMC 63 towards the end)
Volum' Express The Falsies - Maybelline
Espresso eyeshadow - MAC
Professional Natural Lash Mascara - Covergirl

Briar Rose Beauty Powder - M.A.C.

Doubletake Lip Coulor in Amaretto - Smashbox
Devilishly Stylish Lipglass - M.A.C.


  1. What a gorgeous look! I love the eyeshadow the way it goes from one colour to the next! Beautiful and I am a big fan of Bastet, too! :)

  2. Thank you so very much!
    Bastet is awesome! I'm glad you are a fan of heras well.