Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sugarpill Cosmetics Review

Yesterday I received my order from Sugarpill. I have been anxiously awaiting this package because I have seen swatches online and have heard how awesome and pigmented these shadows are so I had to check them out for myself.

I already had an inkling that the loose powders might be worth checking out because I received a sample of one called Goldilux early last year when I made an Ebay from Shrinkle aka Amy for some Kryolan colors. I was intrigued because she also sent an interesting flyer and Sugarpill sticker along with the sample and my order, I digress. LOL.

So yes, the box arrived today and a cute box it was, I actually contemplated keeping it but I am not sure what I could do with it, so I put it in the in the recycle bin, but I took pictures of the package and the inside before I did.

It was really neat because Amy apparently handwrites thank you notes on your invoice when you order. I think that’s really awesome because it shows that she cares about her brand and customers and I have never received anything as personal as that from any company that I have ever ordered makeup, let alone anything else.

The packaging for Sugarpill's cosmetics is beautifully done. The logo is very fun and the packaging for the palettes is sturdy, even though it is made out of a type of cardboard. Don't let the word cardboard fool you though, it is very strong, strong like a palette, it is a bit heavy but I actually enjoy that because to me it shows the strength in the packaging, I know that sounds weird but that's how I feel about it. The images and colors of the packaging is quite fun but I think that translates well because it goes with the fun vibrant colors that Sugarpill offers. Coming from a person that it also a graphic designer, I must say that Sugarpill is branded very well. I Love the packaging, concept and how it is portrayed and marketed.

So, for what I ordered. I ordered both the Burning Hearts and Sweethearts palettes as well as five loose eyeshadows; which are Royal Sugar, Magpie, Absinthe, Junebug and Lumi.

I will tell you how the colors appear to meine eyes.

Let’s start with the loose eyeshadows. Royal Sugar is this awesome royal blue with all kinds of wonderful turquoise sparklyness(yeah yeah, I’m sure it’s not a word, lol) to it. Magpie is a dark metallic blackishblue/green type color. Absinthe is a sparkly lime green color, it’s so bright and pretty. Junebug is this beautiful dark, almost hunter or forest fren with beautiful sparklyness as well and Lumi is this beautiful white with sparkles and yeah, it is just so beautiful and sparkling, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it.

From Left to Right: Royal Sugar, Magpie, Junebug, Absinthe and Lumi swatched over Soft Ochre paint pot as a primer

With flash.

After one wipe of alcohol.

Both palettes contain four pressed eyeshadows each. The Burning Hearts palette consists of Flamepoint, Buttercup, Love+ and Poison Plum. Flamepoint is a beautiful matte orange. Buttercup is a beautiful matte sunny yellow. Love+ is a very pretty bright red color that has a slight pearly sheen to it. Poison Plum is a purple color with a slight pearly sheen to it as well. The Sweetheart palette consists of Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori and Tako(pronounced taco). Dolipop is a vibrant matte hot pink. Afterparty is a bright turquoise with a slight pearly sheen to it. Midori is a is a vibrant jade green with a slight pearly sheen. Tako is a matte pure white.

From Left to Right: the Sweetheart Palette and the Burning Heart Palette

From Top to Bottom: Tako, Afterparty, Dollipop and Midori swatched over Soft Ochre paint pot as a primer.

After one wipe of alcohol

From Left to Right: Love+, Flamepoint, Buttercup and Poison Plum swatched over Soft Ochre paint pot as a primer.

After one swipe of alcohol.

With My order I also received a Sugarpill sticker, flyer and sample of the loose eyeshadow named Starling. Starling is a beautiful and vibrant sparkling turquoise. I got so excited that I decided to also dig out my sample of of Goldilux loose eyeshadow which is a beautiful sparkling true gold that is unlike any other gold that I have, it is very beautiful.

From Top to Bottom: Goldilux and Starling swatched over Soft Ochre paint pot as a primer.

With flash.

I love the textures of both the pressed and loose shadows. They are smooth, highly pigmented and non-chalky. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the orange(Flamepoint) and Yellow(Buttercolors) in the Burning Hearts palette because normally orange and yellow shades do not show up on me well and this is because I have strong yellow/orange undertones in my skin, but these were beautifully pigmented and show up so well. I am happy that Sugarpill is one of the few companies that has a true red because not many companies have one and some that do have them as pro products. All of the colors are vibrant and silky feeling.

I am absolutely happy with my purchases and have already been planning my next order with Sugarpill. I really can’t wait. I also have ideas for quite a few looks already, lol. I really can’t wait to share them with you when I do.


  1. your choice of background and font color suck... if you wish to run a pro site AND have it followed and read lots, do yourself a favor and make the text boxes appear in a neutral color, myself and 3 friends who came here to read about amy's wonderful products had to select all just to read your review... also i'd do some editing, spell checking and less repetitive wording if i were you... i realize i didn't follow all my "rules" in this response, but i'm not trying to impress anyone, you are

  2. person above-get a fcking life. Why don't you go create your own blog? Don't like it-then don't read it

    I see you font just fine hun! :)
    Cute site love the swatches!

  3. Wow, Anon. Rude much?

    I really LIKE the this site's layout. The only thing I would change is maybe turning up the opacity of the post background a little. I didn't find your review hard to follow or read at all. I thought you did an excellent job and I enjoyed your swatches. Keep on being awesome. :)

  4. I had no problem reading this review and I was reading on my iPhone. There is constructive criticism and then there is just plain asshole! Nice review btw!

  5. Lovely review! You'll have a lot of fun playing around with those shadows. Looking forward to seeing the looks you create with them.

  6. Thanks for doing this review and giving us fantastic info on these cosmetics!!! I can't wait to get me some!!!! Lol I've already got a wish list!! :)

  7. LOLWTF?! to that comment above.
    Text and background is fine. Great photos too.

  8. Wow; what a nasty person! I think you did a great job. Since when are you "trying to impress people" by blogging about cosmetics anyway?

  9. I could read it fine myself too! Who cares if it's not the most professional blog entry ever (however, I do find this blog to be steps above most in design and writing style)-it's a BLOG after all, not a scientific journal!

  10. Oh wow, that was rude! I am not a professional blogger or trying to impress anyone by any means, if I wanted to do so, I would post one every site that I could think of for people to follow me and such. Oh well, you can't please everyone, not that I am trying to do that anyway.

    Thank you to all of the rest of you though. I really appreciate your comments and I appreciate the "constructive" criticism that was given.

  11. You are doing an amazing job! Love how you are playing with the colors! Thank you for sharing it with us. You do right by not listening to idiotic people who have nothing better to do but try and bring others down. Glad thats not your case. Moving foward!!!