Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Changes Coming Mixed With A Tiny Rant

So, I will be making some changes to the design of the blog when I have the time because I finally finished my Makeup Artistry course and have made my business cards and resume. Being the graphic designer that I am and the OCD that I have about things matching, I just HAVE to make the page layout match it. Eventually, when I build up my portfolio, I will be able to use my web design knowledge to make things as I wish.

Oh, I figured that I should mention this because of a rude comment that I received on my Sugarpill review. I am not one of those professional bloggers, I have a day job and work and I started this blog to share info, looks, ideas, etc with my friends and people that I converse with about makeup. I believe that it would be really cool to meet new friends and associates along the way. I figure that I should state that I type my blog the way that I speak. I believe that it is easy to follow and understand, but if it's not, you really don't have to read it or follow me. I spellcheck everything that I type normally but I do have my little made up words and when I use them I normally note it.

That being said, I accept constructive criticism, I welcome it, but I don't think that people should ever try to tear another person down just because they think that they can, should or have the right to. Remember, if you can't think of anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I think that is really wrong and I will delete any comment of that sort. I have a day job and a two year old child and do not wish to come home to such negativity. Thank you to everyone that has been so nice to me, I really appreciate it. Thank you for being constructive and leaving positive commentary. You are all much appreciated!


  1. Some people can be complete a-holes. Good on you for not letting crap like that get you down.

    I don't know why some people think anonymity gives them a licence to be horrible and rude.

  2. it takes a lot of balls to run a makeup blog. For one you are trying to be professional in your opinion sharing, and b.) you are putting yourself out there for criticism.

    That comment infuriated me because that person didn't even have the decency to post a comment under his/her name instead they chose anonymous.

    The Makeup community is around to encourage one another not tear one another down.

    So i'm proud of you Alexis <3, and I think you are doing a marvelous job!

  3. Thank you both! I really appreciate your standing up for me. I just couldn't believe how rude that person was BUT I will not let their rudeness deter me from posting.

  4. Haters are actually a good thing; they are your biggest fans and their hot air keeps you afloat. ;)