Saturday, September 10, 2011

Posh Paradise Paint Pot Comparison Swatches

Ok, so, people were wondering about the a few paint pots being closer to two that have come out previously. In my opinion, Cash Flow tends to be more white gold compared to Treasure Hunt which tends to lean more yellow. Artifact and Idyllic are really really close but Artifact seems to be a bit more opaque (Even when built up) and more or a reddish berry compared to Idyllic, but I don't know if my photos captured that which is why I put up a few different ones. MUFE Aqua Cream #20 is a darker and more shimmery blue compared to Pure Creation so I think that one could have both.

Ok, here are the comparison swatches:

 This photo was taken without flash outside

This photo was taken inside with flash

This photo was taken outdoors without flash

This photo was taken indoors with flash

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