Friday, August 13, 2010

Product Review for up & up Makeup Remover

The up & up Makeup Remover is an oil free product. I was skeptical about that at first because if you look at it, the product is a solution (I don't remember chemistry, maybe it's not a solution, lol), water and the other ingredients that it is made up of, and they are basically separated, an example of this would be putting oil in a glass and putting water in it, the two would not mix and would be separate layers. Well, this is what it looks like in the bottle. To use the product, you shake the bottle to allow the to halves to temporarily mix, they use the term activating, then with a clean cotton ball or pad, you close your eyes and remove the makeup.

I must say that I really love this product. It even works on my stubborn waterproof makeup and I had a friend use it as well and she says it removed her stubborn waterproof makeup as well. For the $4.54 price tag you get 5.5 oz. which is perfect because a little goes a long way. You just have to remember to use it as the directions state, which means shaking it up, I have an inkling that if you don't, this product just wouldn't work. The packaging of this product is very very simplistic, but I believe most Target generic brand packaging is.

I have been in the market for a new eye makeup remover for a long time, one that wasn't uber expensive, but still worked well. I believe with this product I have found it. The up & up Makeup Remover is available only at Target stores and It is one of their generic brands, BUT upon reading the back of the bottle (I love reading labels, I want to know what I am putting in or on my body) I discovered that it is made by Neutrogena for target.

Product: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Packaging: 4/5
Ease of Use: 4/5
Price: $4.54
Would I repurchase this product: YES!
Overall: 4/5

Availability: Target stores and

Tips: Remember to shake this product as the directions state! Also, be gentle, these are your eyes, don't be too harsh with them. To clean lower lash line, dip a q-tip into the product and rub off with rolling motions.

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